Change of Digital Space

Ooops! Turns out that WordPress doesn’t allow me to have a feed of my Etsy items with a free account. BOO! So I’m switching to the old standby of Blogger – find me at¬†! ¬†Thanks thanks!


Tuesday Thrifting Finds: 8.16.2011

Oh it was a good day!

I have been inspired by a couple of other blogs (in partic, a la modern) to work on my vintage identification and share my thrifting finds. I’m just getting rolling, so stay tuned! Here are the finds from today….

One set nesting pandas – wooden & hand-painted, but no labels to give a hint of maker or timeline…. Just super-sweet. Marushkas are pretty popular at the moment, so these should be an good little item.

The *BIG* find was this platter by Russel Wright. Queen Anne’s Lace pattern. I love his stuff and may have to keep this for myself! Its condition isn’t perfect but I am not complaining…. I don’t know if it’s a large dinner plate or small platter. The plates I can find for this particular design are all round, so I’m going with small platter. 13″ long.


Finally, this sweet vase. I know really nothing about it, but it has a gold label. In Japanese, so no help. But I love the soft matte glaze and design. Sake bottle, maybe? No idea!